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Trainer for school project about the SDGs

Trainer for school project about the SDGs

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Hope Foundation e.V.

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From the 2nd August 2021 "Bridging Cultures- 3 countries, 3 Trainers, all about the SDGs" will be held in secondary schools in Berlin. After the successful implementation of the project from 2010 – 2019, and on the request of many teachers, we have decided to organize this intercultural workshop also this year. The two-day workshops are divided into several lessons, and deal with themes of the SDGs and key socio-political issues of the so-called developing continents of Africa, Asia and Latin & Central America.


Trainers from global south’s countries or the diaspora teach in English, discuss and develop together with the students, solutions for the problems facing their home continents and country. In addition, the students develop innovative and creative ideas for projects and events to raise awareness in Germany.


This year under the “Bridging Cultures” project we are lounging our new cooking event “Spoon4Change”. Additional to the workshops that will take place in schools, an open public cooking evening will be organize with the trainer for culture exchange with Berlin’s public.


Objectives of Bridging Cultures:

  1. Raising awareness for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, global relations and developmental problems
  2. Promoting their own social skills and commitment
  3. Development of intercultural relations
  4. Elimination of prejudice and racism
  5. Improving the English language of students


Target group: 

  • Pupils and students between 16 and 20 years of secondary schools in Berlin
  • Adults, open public in Berlin (cooking event)


The trainer will attend an orientation workshop upon arriving in Berlin to guide them with the conditions and procedure. The training will start in schools on 16th August 2021. A working timetable will be presented to the trainer.

The trainer will work with schools following the timetable and on workdays when not in school, the trainer will dedicate their working hours to work with the Hope Foundation at the head office to improve or adjust their class preparation.

Additionally, the trainer will plan and prepare a cooking evening event.


  • From Asia, Africa or Latin America
  • Excellent English skills
  • Very good knowledge about home country and continent
  • Very good knowledge about the themes of globalisation, SDGs as well as key political issues
  • Pleasant and friendly manner
  • Open-minded, flexible, disciplined and with training /teaching experience
  • Desirable: experience with various training methods (including virtual, in-person training, and blended offering) and up-to-date with new training methods and techniques.